Plantation shutters add both decorative and functional appeal to any home, so you'll naturally want to keep them looking refreshed for as long as possible. Cleaning your plantation shutters regularly will retain their pristine appearance and ensure that they remain free from damage for longer. But plantation shutters tend to look old over time no matter how well you clean them, so follow these steps to refresh the look of your timeworn timber plantation shutters.   

Gather Your Refreshing Supplies

To get started with this task, you will need a vacuum cleaner, lint-free cloths and timber polish or varnish. Your vacuum cleaner should ideally come with a brush attachment to tackle the hard-to-reach grooves between the slats. Timber polish and varnish is easily available at home improvement stores and comes in different finishes to resonate with the existing décor of your home. 

Clean The Plantation Shutters

Use your vacuum cleaner to clean your plantation shutters thoroughly. Use the brush attachment to tackle hard-to-reach grooves between slats and make sure you are able to get rid of as much dirt and debris as possible. Wipe down any remaining dirt with a dusting or lint-free cloth. Avoid using soap and water to clean the wood shutters because water may warp the surface. Cleaning will ensure that the wood polish and varnish adheres better to the wood surface of your shutters.  

Apply Timber Varnish

Timber varnish is usually available in regular cans or in aerosol spray cans. If you choose to buy a spray can, then you simply need to spray the plantation shutters with it while ensuring that your room is properly ventilated. You will need to make sure that you coat the surface evenly. If you decide to use timber varnish from a regular can, you will need to dip a lint-free cloth into it and apply it to the surface of the shutters. Timber varnish is highly durable and resists scratches for a longer time, while enhancing the natural grain of your timber plantation shutters.

Allow The Varnish To Dry

After applying the timber varnish, you will need to let it dry for a few hours before operating the plantation shutters once again. Make sure you follow the manufacturer's recommended drying time properly.  To speed up the drying process, make sure the room is adequately ventilated and choose a warm, dry day for the job.

Your plantation shutters will now look as good as new thanks to your wood refreshing effort.