If you have a commercial building with automatic doors, you may need to complete some maintenance tasks on a routine basis. Maintenance, in addition to regular inspections, will help keep the doors operating properly without needing major repairs. Here are some maintenance tasks to perform on a regular basis for your automatic doors.

Clean the Tracks

The tracks of your door, especially if you have automatic sliding doors, are likely going to give you the most problems. The more they are used, the more issues you will have with them. When performing maintenance, you can start by making sure the tracks are clear of debris. It is possible that dirt, buildup, or even small objects can get lodged in the tracks, which can then keep the door from opening and closing as needed. A broom should be able to remove most of the loose debris from the tracks, though you might also need to use a small tool like an old toothbrush to clean them completely. After you have cleaned out the tracks, oiling them can help the door go back and forth smoothly. For buildup that is harder to clean, consider using a high-pressure washer.

Check the Sensors

The next thing you want to inspect and maintain is the sensor on the automatic door. Whether the door slides open, rolls up, or works as a pull-out door, it is automatic, which means it should open when you get close to the door. These doors either have sensors above the door that can recognize the presence of an individual needing to get in and out of the building or there are sensors on the ground to feel the weight of an individual. In either case, you need to know where the sensors are and how to check if they are in good condition. If a door isn't opening when you are near it or standing on a sensor platform, it is likely due to issues with the sensors themselves.

Replace Worn Hardware

The automatic door might also have some hardware that either needs to be tightened or replaced. Various bolts and other hardware can get worn over time and might need to be replaced. Metal components often experience rust or corrosion which you can't do much about but replace the components. Inspect all of the metal parts of the automatic door looking for any signs of wear or corrosion. When major components or hardware is involved, it is best that you speak to a professional to make the repairs.