A garage door can be very expensive to replace, but you don't want to simply choose the cheapest model you find when you're in need of a new one. The door needs to add security to the space, but it's also good to consider how it looks overall and if it can work properly with your current opener. When you're ready to shop for new garage doors on the Sunshine Coast for your home, note a few features to consider so you can ensure you get the right one.

1. Security and weight

Most garage doors are made of some type of metal, usually either steel or aluminum. Steel may be more difficult to bend out of place so that a thief cannot easily access the space, but note the weight of steel versus aluminum. If you have an automatic garage door opener, it will typically have a weight capacity, and you need to check this before choosing a solid steel door. Aluminum is lighter and may be your best option for your type of opener.

If you still want a steel door but your opener will not manage the weight of a solid steel door, consider wood with a steel face. This will add a layer of steel to the door so it's strong, but the wood inside the steel will reduce some of the weight.

2. Appearance

Don't overlook the appearance of the door when making your selection, as the door may be more noticeable than you realize. Metal can be painted or stamped with a design so that it doesn't look so industrial, and you can break up the look with windows made of thick glass block. This will keep your door from appearing very industrial while not compromising the appearance. For a very traditional look, choose a wood garage door. A dark color can make your garage look like a carriage house, or you might opt for a very crisp white color to offer a nice contrast against a dark house color.

3. Opening and closing

A traditional garage door may simply swing out and then fold up along tracks into the ceiling of the garage. However, this is not your only option when it comes to opening and closing; a roller door can save space along the garage ceiling so you can use it for storage. It also works for very short driveways, as it won't need to swing out to open. For a very traditional and attractive entryway, choose two door panels that open out like carriage doors. This can make your garage very eye-catching and even add curb appeal to your property.