As a homeowner, no doubt you're concerned about the level of security you have on your property, but may hesitate when it comes to adding security doors. In times past, security doors often looked prison-like, with heavy iron bars across their fronts, and may have made the house seem more like a compound than a real home.

However, if you haven't shopped for security doors lately, you may be surprised at their appearance, and the security they offer for your home's front and back doorways:

1. Security doors protect the home during the day

You may only think of how to secure your property at night, but in truth, securing your home during the day and even when you're at home is very important. Many robberies and break-ins actually occur during daylight hours, and some are a crime of opportunity. A person may be walking by your home, note that your inside door is open, and see that you aren't anywhere near the front door. They can easily force open your thin screen door, step inside, grab your computer or even a television, and be out of your home within seconds.

When you install a security screen door, this offers more protection than a standard, lightweight aluminum door. You can open the inside door and allow for light and air during the day, but the heavy-duty lock on the security door will keep anyone from just forcing it open. 

2. Security doors can feature electronic or upgraded locks

While the heavy-duty locks on security doors can often offer enough protection for your home, you can also upgrade these locks as you see fit. This might include an electronic lock that requires a code, or a set of deadbolts that is virtually impossible to kick in. These types of locks can mean one more layer of security that a thief or intruder would need to get past to access your home, and they may get discouraged and move on to another target when you have such a secure doorway.

3. Security doors can be permanently shut

If your home has a side door, a door to the basement, or another entryway that you never use, you may want to have it shut up permanently. However, having a contractor remove the door and add brick or siding to this area can be expensive. A good alternative is to have a security door placed over this entryway that is permanently shut; it can be screwed into the home without hinges so it acts as more of a gate than a door. This too can protect this vulnerable spot in your home and keep it more secure.

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