Here are two tips for people who want to buy garage door motors for their garage doors.

They should find out the weight of their garage door before selecting a new motor

It's important for anyone who wants a garage door motor to find out the weight of their garage door before they buy this item. This information will usually be included in the manual that comes with the garage door, but those who don't have this document might be able to find this information online.

Not all garage door motors have the same weight capacity. Some are able to open much heavier garage doors than others. If for example, a person buys and installs a garage door opener that's made to open garage doors that weigh up to 120kg and their garage door weighs 200kg, the motor could deteriorate at an accelerated rate, due to it being put under more strain than it's made to handle. This could result in the motor failing and having to be replaced shortly after its installation.

Furthermore, the motor might be unable to open or close the garage door in the smooth, quick manner it is supposed to; this could be frustrating for anyone who wants to get in or out of the garage. Lastly, the motor might not be able to hold the door in a partially-opened position for an extended period; this could result in the door suddenly closing when someone is under it, which could then result in that person being hit by the door.

They should consider opting for a motor with rolling code technology

Any security-conscious people who'd like to get a garage door motor should consider opting for one that has rolling code technology. This technology is designed to change the code to unlock a garage door after every opening of it. This can give the property owner peace of mind regarding the security of their garage, as there will be virtually no risk of, for example, their garage door code being identified and duplicated by someone, and then used to gain entry to its interior.

This technology could be particularly useful for any property owner who doesn't want to have to manually change their garage door's security code each time they lock it. It also has the potential to reduce the property owner's buildings' insurance premium. This is because there'll be less chance of the insurance provider having to make a payout because of someone breaking into the garage.