If you own or manage a commercial premise, it's your responsibility to ensure safety for your property, tenants and customers. Fire regulations from your local fire departments require property owners to establish and comply with various fire safety measures on their premises. Fire doors are often mandatory to mitigate the risk and spread of fire in commercial spaces. These doors are somehow different from standard doors because they have advanced safety features and designs. If your commercial property lacks fire safety doors, here are some solid reasons to invest in one. 

Enhanced Safety 

As a commercial premises owner or manager, you must keep your employees and other people using your facility safer from fire emergencies. You're responsible for taking safety measures to ensure the building meets all the necessary fire safety regulations.

Installing fire doors on your premises prevents the potential spread of fire across the building. These doors offer a safe escape route for people inside the building when a fire breaks out. Furthermore, they contain the fire longer and provide more time for fire response teams to arrive on the site. Consequently, this guarantees safety to your property, employees or other people inside your commercial building. 

Minimise Fire Damage 

Adhering to fire safety regulations helps ensure that your commercial premises can survive a fire emergency. While establishing the appropriate fire safety measures is imperative, your building can still experience a fire incident resulting from human error or unavoidable causes. 

However, the damage will be minimal if you install safety fire doors. These doors will contain the spread of fire and prevent it from causing extensive damage. Your commercial premises will have a better chance of surviving infernos with fire safety doors installed. 

Helps Contain Smoke

Apart from preventing the spread of fire, fire doors help contain hazardous smoke in your commercial premises. Their design helps minimise the spread of toxic smoke across the premises. Generally, they have intumescent sealing that expands and deters smoke from exiting a room as it gets hotter. The sealing creates an airtight barrier between the flaming room and the exterior space. Consequently, this minimises smoke damage and prevents potential suffocation and health complications for people inside. 

They Reduce Your Insurance Premiums 

Installing fire safety doors on your premise will also mean reduced insurance premiums. Setting up fire protection safety measures like installing functional fire doors means your building is less likely to suffer damage in a fire outbreak. As a result, your insurance company can offer better insurance rates because of reduced risks. 

As you can see, high-quality fire doors are essential additions to your commercial property because of the reasons discussed above. They help minimise fire damage on your premises, save lives and reduce your insurance premiums.  

For more info, contact a local company that offers fire door installation services.