Security doors, whether that's a screen door or an inside storm door, can be a great choice for easily adding to the security of your home. Unless you upgrade the locks, you don't need to worry about codes as you would for an alarm system, and security doors don't detract from the look of your home as multiple security cameras and motion detectors might. Companies like Stan Bond Security offer a number of door styles with varied levels of decoration to better suit the look of your home. When choosing a security door, you want to ensure you take your time to shop for the right style and for all the additional features it may offer. Note the following.

1. Frame

A door is only as secure as its frame, which is why many security doors come with their own frame. When someone kicks in a door, they are often kicking the frame away from the wall, so installing a security door onto an old doorframe may not be effective at all. While choosing a security door with its own frame can be the best choice, note if you might need a builder or contractor to install it. A frame needs to be level to be secure, and improper installation of any frame can mean compromising its strength. For true security from your security storm door, choose one with a frame and have it installed by a professional.

2. Screen versus storm door

You have the option of installing a security screen door outside your standard door, installing a security storm door inside or both. Screen doors are often cheaper, so if you're on a budget, you might consider that installation alone. They are very strong with heavy-duty locks, so they do provide security even at a more affordable price. They also allow you to keep the inside door open while keeping your entryway secure. They may also be easier for you to install on your own, which can also save you some cost.

3. Material

Steel security doors are typically stronger than wood storm doors, but they can be very unattractive. Thieves might also see a steel door and assume you have a lot of valuable things inside, and your home might become a new target for them. When choosing a wood security storm door, opt for a very strong type of wood such as oak or maple. As a compromise, you might choose a steel door with a wood overlay. This will give you the strength of steel but the more attractive and subtle look of wood.