Security doors can make your home safe and secure while still keeping it inviting and attractive. Rather than adding security cameras in every corner of your property or erecting an imposing wall, you can add security doors that look just like regular storm and screen doors but which are stronger and more durable. Before you decide on the right model and type for your home, note a few things to consider so you know you invest in a door or doors that will keep you secure and comfortable.

1. Number and type of locking mechanisms

More locks will typically mean more security, so note the number of locks offered by a door. This might include a lock on the door handle as well as an added deadbolt or even two deadbolts. You might also choose a lock that needs a key to unlock from the inside; this will prevent an intruder from somehow breaking through the mesh or a nearby pane of glass and reaching around to open the door handle. 

2. Number and type of hinges

The more attachments or connectors your door has to the frame, the more secure it will be and the harder it will be to kick in the door. Most doors will come with two or three sets of hinges; for a security door, opt for one with at least three sets so you have added security and stability.

Bolt hinges are also better than pin hinges. Pin hinges are those that have a pin that slides into a round column; this pin can actually be tapped out with the right tools, and the door comes off the hinge plate. A bolt hinge is a solid piece. This bolt cannot be simply tapped out of place, so it keeps the door more secure. 

3. Light blocking or energy efficiency

For any type of security screen, note if the mesh offers light blocking so that you're more comfortable during hot summer months. A storm door should be energy efficient; wood can conduct heat and cold so it may not be the best insulating choice. 

4. Note the mesh attachment for a screen door

While a strong mesh cannot be easily cut, note how it's fastened or connected to the door. If it's attached with simple screws, these might be removed so the mesh can be taken out. Look for something with strong, solid bolts or a recessed screw that cannot be easily accessed with burglary tools.

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