Although windows are an integral part of any home, most homeowners do not pay much attention to them, as they require little maintenance. As long as they are kept clean, you home will be flooded with natural lighting. Nevertheless, windows are susceptible to succumbing to wear and tear just as any other aspect of your home. This is especially true if they are old and nearing the end of their time. Here are some of the various signs that would indicate you require window repairs or may have to replace them altogether.

Your windows are becoming difficult to open and close.

If you are experiencing trouble when you try to either open or shut your windows, chances are they have become imbalanced. This is especially common in both the double hung and single hung varieties. As they get older, the windows will gradually become misaligned from their frame, and this makes it harder to operate them. Additionally, if they have a metallic frame, issues with rust could end up exacerbating the problem. A window contractor would be best suited to changing the framing and correcting the balance as part of your window repairs.

Your windows begin accumulating condensation between their panes.

Another sign that would indicate you require window repairs is if the panes continually become foggy or misty. This means that there is condensation becoming trapped between the windowpanes. Generally, this will occur when the seals on the windows have become old and start deteriorating. This makes it easier for moisture to seep in between the windows. During the winter months, the moisture can freeze, and this could affect the overall integrity of your window panes by making them crack. If the problem solely lies with the seals of the windows, professional contractors can engage in window repairs to remedy the problem. However, in the event that the insulating capacity of your windows has become compromised, it would be time to seek professional window replacement.

Your window frames have started deteriorating.

Window frames are what work toward keeping the glass panes in place. If your window frames are compromised, then it is best to seek professional window repairs post haste before they are unable to fully support the glass panes. Some of the signs of deterioration that you can look out for include rotting window frames or chips and cracks in the frames. You should also feel the frames to establish if they are soft and spongy, as this could be a sign of water damage, and they would need to be replaced.

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