Sliding wardrobe doors are a useful way of improving the general appearance of your home. You could use them to turn odd spaces into convenient storage facilities. Installing the doors could take you a short time or even up to a whole day depending on your expertise and the complexity of the doors you have chosen. The following could prove useful if you want to get a professional finish.

Measure and cut out the tracks

The tracks included in your package may be made of steel or aluminium. Measure the width of the top opening and mark the same on the top track. You can use masking tape to make it more visible. Likewise, measure and mark the width of the base of your opening and mark it on the base track. Use a hacksaw or an electrical saw to cut out the required measurements. Ensure you have safety gear on during the process to reduce the chances of injuring yourself.

Install the door tracks

Before laying out the tracks, ensure that the ground is level. To properly screw in the tracks in place, you might need assistance from another person. Do not over-tighten the screws as this could cause misalignment.

Put the doors in place

Doors are heavy, and you might need help from another person to put them in place. Since they overlap, first put the rear door in the opening. Angle it and put it on the top track first, then carefully lower the bottom wheels on the floor track. The rollers should properly align with the tracks. After ensuring it is securely in place, insert the other door in the same way.

Test and adjust the doors if necessary

You can try to open and close the doors and see if they work correctly. If not, push each door to the end of the wall, and try adjusting the rollers using a screw to raise the height of the door. Increasing the height will give the rollers more space and prevent them from binding with the carpet. If this does not work, remove the doors and install again.

Engage anti-jump clips

After ensuring the door is in the correct position, snap the clips so that the door does not leave the tracks.

Additional tips

When opening the packaging, check the contents against what is indicated and do not dispose anything before ensuring all parts are available. Small contents such as screws may get lost easily. The packaging material should be disposed of in environmentally friendly ways.

If you feel you cannot accomplish this on your own, contact door specialists, such as those at Mitchell Aluminium.